AZZURRO is an Aussie international mural artist and illustrator in South Australia, Amsterdam, and London. His designs have been commissioned by Clink Hostels, Central Market Arcade, Skycity Casino, Holiday Inn, Westfield, pubs, cafes and homes. This is the designer's complete online portfolio.


azzurro's studio

Azzurro has a painting studio at the artist-run Mixed Spice Creative Studios in Adelaide, South Australia. Azzurro uses the studio space to paint external mural installations, exhibition works, original paintings for sale, and to explore new street art mediums and develop professional practice. From late September the artist will be expanding into tattoo services at Mixed Spice. 

Mixed Spice houses 20 visual artists, fashion designers, tattooists, and illustrators emerging and established. 

The studios and gallery doors are open to the public;

THURS 12:00 - 17:00PM
FRI 12:00 - Late
SAT 12:00- 17:00PM