Introducing Azz Batic, artist

Aug 22 2015

Katie Spain, The Advertiser SAWeekend



Meet Azz Batic, the 20-year-old artist with adventure in his veins and colour in his heart. Batic gre up in Blackwood, studied art in Year 12 at Christian Brothers College and went on to study a Bachelor of Psychology before 'randomly enrolling in an Indonesian gamelan topic". The instrument sent creative sparks flying and he decided to follow the art path.


Batic runs art and graphic design business Azzurro Arts. He designed the new menu for Spats Cafe and recently held an art show in the quirky late-night dessert venue. "It's not every day a cafe owner will agree to drilling 20 or so holes in their restaurant walls for a teenager wanting to fill the place with lasers, fairy lights and lanterns,' Batic says.


He is inspired by good food, music and company. "That's how the magic happens. Anything that reminds me there's a world out there bigger than the one inside me but that they can work in harmony,' he says.


Bati's latest project is a quirky colouring book for all-ages called ASYLUM: A Colouring Book Adventure for Big Kids, Daydreamers and Lunatics. His intricate designs are accompanied by inspirational quotes from some of the greatest minds in history. They encourage creativity, destigmatisation of mental health issues and environmental awareness.


The thinking behind the book is simple. It's all about stopping for a moment and colouring yourself happy. "Someone with a copy messaged me last week to say 'you've given people a gift to tap into their imagination and creativity, you've given us the tools to do it'. That's exactly what it was intended to be."


It was three years in the making and contains psychedelic bugs, carnivorous plants, monsters, aliens, octopus politicans and patterns. "No fairy princesses or pirates telling little girls and boys who to be. This book is for everyone. Colouring is something everyone can enjoy no matter how artistic they consider themselves."


Batic urges young artists to pick up tools and commit to their craft 24/7- regardless of age. 'You can make everything happen for yourself out of nothing, with zero qualifications, if you wake up, turn up and wear your passion,' he says.

'Don't be afraid to make your own game in the art world and then your tribe will find you"


'I'm gathering a group of artists, musos, dancers, foodies, fire twirlers and stallholders to bring a highly interactive, travelling creative 'Carnival' to Adelaide and South Australian schools. There are over 20 of us so far and we're absolutely scouting for more...'


Keep you eyes peeled, Azzurro Arts will be at Home Grown, Hand Sewn Market (Bellevue Heights Primary School, on September 19).