A window to his art

Aug 2 2016

Celeste Villani, Hills and Valley Messenger


Azz Batic with the drawing on the window at Kuoni Creative in Blackwood. Picture: Stephen Laffer

By thinking outside the square, artist Azz Batic is encouraging others to stay inside the lines. 
Batic, 21, has drawn the outline of a mural on the window of Kuoni Creative gallery, in Blackwood, as part of the South Australian Living Arts Festival. The public are invited to colour in the mural, which includes a series of abstract hearts, swirls and the quote 'Your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you'.

"This mural in the exhibition was something for me, but I wanted other people to come in
and created a positive memory by colouring it in'

Batic, of North Adelaide, says. 'Even if just one person went in there and coloured in the wall, I would be happy.' Batic, who grew up in Blackwood, says initial reaction to his work has been positive. 'Everybody that walks past is stopping to take photos and come in and have a look and make a contribution,' he says. The artist, who goes by the pseudonym Azzurro, which means blue in Italian, has painted 26 murals at cafes, pubs, nightclubs and community halls across Adelaide since November. 

'I decided to become an artist at a time in my life when I was really, really sad,' he says. 'I was going through a nasty break up and was not happy with what I was doing and I realised I wanted a job where I could be creative and express myself. I realised that (art) is what I was born to do.' Azz is one of 10 artists in Kuoni Creatives' Chroma exhibition, which features textiles, fine art, jewellery and sculptures. The exhibition is at the gallery on Main Rd, Blackwood until Wednesday August 31, during SALA festival which celebrates SA's visual art and runs throughout August.