Anybody! Commissions are open to corporate, government, council, and private endeavours. You can even commission a piece for your home.


AZZURRO is available for international commission.


Artist fees are determined by an aggregate of design and hours (number of weeks required for work). This is inclusive of materials and insurance. Usually the artist will work to the rough budget you have prepared. Fees differ greatly from job to job so it's not possible to give figures at this time. However a rough figure can easily be provided upon enquiry using the form below.


Most medium sized pieces (3 x 4) take roughly a week to two weeks to install. Bookings are made in weekly slots. Painting occurs flexibly throughout the booked week. Fast tracked artworks can be provided for businesses on a tighter timeframe.


Mockups are provided to businesses in the event that a management team needs to be consulted on the nature of the design first. This is usually in the form of a mood board and quick conceptual sketch which will not necessarily be an exact replicant of the painted piece. Commissions that do NOT require a mockup illustration take booking priority and are likely to happen a lot faster.


The artist is not running workshops at this time. For community engagement events you can hire the ArtDome a unique pop up, paintable geodome.


The artist is available to paint on-site at your live event (public or VIP). As this is something the artist thoroughly enjoys, live artworks are provided at a reduced rate. Artworks are started and finished during the event, usually on board or mdf which you are welcome to keep for later use or display. It makes for a fantastic media wall when incorporated with a photographer.

The artist retains all copyright ownership and intellectual property rights in relation to the artworks created. Client is exclusively licensed to use their commissioned graphics in all relevant promotional materials.