AZZURRO is an Aussie international mural artist and illustrator in South Australia, Amsterdam, and London. His designs have been commissioned by Clink Hostels, Central Market Arcade, Skycity Casino, Holiday Inn, Westfield, pubs, cafes and homes. This is the designer's complete online portfolio.


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3 art shows I’m seeing this SALA Festival’18

August is a hugely make-or-break time of the year for visual artists living in Adelaide, South Australia. By the middle of the year, most of us have our teeth well and truly sunken into a couple big projects. Every year from the 1st to the 31st, visual artists are challenged to present highly accessible art exhibitions to the public, and suddenly the city is reignited again mid-hibernation with festivalgoers and creatives crawling all over each other under indecisive flashes of patchy Adelaide overcast and beams of half-assed winter sun. In many ways the SALA Festival (South Australian Living Artists) is more important for practising artists than the vibrant Summer festival period (Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Festival) as the tourist off-season allows us a chance to actually get out and see each other’s shows. The SALA Festival is literally a celebration of living artists in South Australia, which offers a chance for real connection with the creator of an artwork you may fall in love with, that you otherwise wouldn’t normally stumble across in your own circles. The festival has grown more and more accessible to younger less established artists, meaning SALA shows can present a more enriched range of views from creatives living all across the state. Here’s 3 I’m definitely making my way to in-between busy paint sessions this August; 



#1 JADE MARS- ‘Earth Invaders’
Program no. 039 - Basem3nt, Reid House, 15-17 Featherstone Pl, Adelaide. 0408677217

Opening Night 18 AUG 6-11PM 

I first met Jade while we were working on a SALA group show years ago. Headspace Adelaide invited a bunch of young artists to explore the theme of mental health. We have been close friends ever since, often collaborating on street murals and exhibitions. This will be her first solo show. From what I’ve heard, there is a sweet virtual reality installation involved, which she has married with a live-art element that I’ve seen little bits of. Jade’s pieces don’t skimp on imagination. Big-eyed goddesses, adorable renderings of clouds, rainbows, aliens, and haute couture using a colour-scheme from somewhere else, I know for sure Jade’s show is gonna come through with the goods. 




#2 Lost//Found (Group Show)
Program no. 106 - Mixed Spice Creative Studios 22-24 Coromandel Pl, Adelaide. 0406017605
 Opening Night 10 August 6-9PM
Exhibits until the 21st September

I very recently moved into a painting space at Mixed Spice Creative Studios. It’s a huge open-studio warehouse that, in various incarnations, has housed big Adelaide artists I’ve looked up to since forever. In the mix are painters (on canvas and the streets), illustrators, screenprinters, fabricworkers, a wicked streetwear store in the basement, a gallery in the driveway, a giant squid in the courtyard, and a hand poker named ChiChi (Chiranjika Grasby) who has curated ‘Lost//Found’, displaying works by local artists examining ‘notions of human absence via physical and emotional analogues’. 



#3  Artisan on Partridge
 Program no. 356 - Partridge House, 38 Partridge St, Glenelg. 82299999
 One day event 12 AUG SUNDAY 10AM-4PM
Okay, so this is the SALA show I’m actually IN but I will only be exhibiting one piece ‘Kaleidoscope Face’. I recently moved into the area so am excited to see what it has to offer and equally excited to be working with the City of Holdfast Bay to bring an ArtDome to the event. The huge, climbable geodome will be painted by all ages throughout the day. People tell me the heritage-listed grounds are beautiful so the sun better be shining its hardest with no cloud in sight that day or I am going to just sit on top of the dome in the rain and have a Britney Spears meltdown. 



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